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・決算発表日 2016/4/27 引け後
・MAUは1.65B +15% mobile MAUは1.51B +21%
・DAUは1.09B +16% mobile DAUは989M +24%
・議決権のないClass C株式を導入し、3:1の株式分割を発表


このスピードで成長しているのはすごいですね。FANG(FB AMZN NFLX GOOG)はもうだめなどと言われている中、アフターマーケットでしっかり上がっています。


Turning now to the outlook, first, some color on revenue. We remain focused on creating value for the people and marketers who use our services. We expect that the main drivers of advertising revenue growth will continue throughout 2016, but we will face tougher comparables as the year progresses given the accelerating ad revenue growth we experienced throughout 2015.

Netflixなどの映画やドラマコンテンツにとどまらず、広告・教育・ゲームなども含めてVideoやVRは将来性がありそうです。「次の5年は既存プロダクトのエコシステムに取り組みます。次の5年はonline videoの時代になり、新しい使い方が生まれるでしょう。そのためOculusやVRに取り組んでいます。優れたマーケッターはすでにモバイルフィードとTVの動画の違いに気づいていて、数秒で注意を引き付けるようなクリエイティブを作っています。」とのことでした。

Over the next five years, we're going to build ecosystems around our products that are already being used by a lot of people. We're at the beginning of a golden age of online video. Video isn't just a single kind of content. We think it's a medium that allows people to interact in a lot of new ways. So that's why in addition to normal Internet video, we're also focusing on more interactive video experiences like Live and 360 video. I'm a big Game of Thrones fan, and the other week HBO and our Oculus team came out with a 360 video of the opening sequence of the show.


Most (Oculus) Rift early adopters are gamers and developers. But eventually, we believe that VR is going to be the next big computing platform, and we're making the investments necessary to lead the way there.


One of the drivers of the consumer shift to mobile is video. People are sharing and creating nearly three times more video on Facebook than they were a year ago. 

The best marketers understand that people watch video differently on mobile feed than on TV. They create ads that grab attention in the first few seconds, sometimes even without sound, what we now call thumb-stopping creative.


売上は$5.4B +52%、営業利益は$3B +62%、純利益は$2.2B +87%、EPSは$0.77 +83%でした。


MAUは1.65B +15% mobile MAUは1.51B +21%でした。

DAUは1.09B +16% mobile DAUは989M +24%でした。


  2015-12-31 2015-09-30 2015-06-30 2015-03-31
売上 5.84B 4.5B 4.04B 3.54B
粗利益 5.02B 3.78B 3.37B 2.89B
営業利益 2.56B 1.46B 1.27B 0.93B
純利益 1.56B 0.9B 0.72B 0.51B




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