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プロクター・アンド・ギャンブル(The Procter & Gamble、P&G)は、世界最大の一般消費財メーカーです。


セグメントは「Beauty」「Grooming」「Health Care」「Fabric and Home Care」「Baby, Feminine and Family Care」です。


・決算発表日 2016/4/26 寄り前
・2016FYの予想売上はhigh-single digitsの減少(変わらず)


P&G said it is maintaining its outlook for organic sales growth of in-line to up low-single digits versus fiscal 2015. The Company expects all-in sales to be down high-single digits in fiscal 2016, including a negative six to seven percentage point impact from foreign exchange and a two to three percentage point drag from the combined impacts of the Venezuela deconsolidation and minor brand divestitures.

With one quarter remaining in its fiscal year, the Company said it is tightening its outlook for Core EPS to a range of down three percent to six percent versus last year’s Core EPS of $3.76. P&G said it continues to expect constant-currency Core EPS growth in the mid-single digits.


Venezuela continues to be a difficult market and was also a drag on March quarter results. At the beginning of the fiscal year, we announced our decision to deconsolidate our Venezuelan operations, no longer reporting sales or profits from products locally manufactured and sold in Venezuela. We continue to recognize sales and profit on products sold to our Venezuelan subsidiaries from non-Venezuelan P&G entities. We highlighted at CAGNY that a disruption in our Venezuelan subsidiary's ability to access dollars to pay for these imports of finished products could have a negative impact on our top and bottom line results.

We've been unable to access U.S. dollars in any size since November, and as a result reported no sales or profit for Venezuela in the March quarter. This caused a 20 basis point organic sales growth reduction in the quarter. On the bottom line, the total impact of Venezuela was $0.05 per share or 6% in terms of core EPS. Assuming these financing constraints continue, the bottom line impact on the year will be up to $0.10 per share or minus 3%. 


売上は$15.8B -7%(organic売上は+1%)、EPSは$0.86 -3%でした。

Health Careの売上は-7%で、organic売上としては-1%でした。
Fabric and Home Careの売上は-4%で、organic売上としては+3%でした。
Baby, Feminine and Family Careの売上は-8%で、organic売上としては+0%でした。

2016FYの予想売上はhigh-single digitsの減少です。


  2015-12-31 2015-09-30 2015-06-30 2015-03-31
売上 16.92B 16.53B 17.79B 18.14B
粗利益 8.62B 8.47B 8.77B 9B
営業利益 3.85B 3.77B 0.93B 3.14B
純利益 3.21B 2.6B 0.52B 2.15B




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パンパース テープ ウルトラジャンボ S 306枚 (102枚×3個) (テープタイプ)


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