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セグメントは「Client Computing」「Data Center」「Internet of Things」「Non-Volatile Memory Solutions」「Intel Security」「Programmable Solutions」です。

PCの不振からClient Computingの売上は低調で、それをData CenterのCloud関連の売上で補っている状態です。


・決算発表日 2016/10/18 アフターマーケット
・売上は$15.78B +9.1%でコンセンサス予想より+$200M
・non-GAAP EPSは$0.80 +21%でコンセンサス予想より+$0.08
・non-GAAP 純利益は$3.9B
・GAAP EPSは$0.69
・GAAP 純利益は$3.4B


Shares of Intel (INTC) were retreating 2.68% to $36.75 in after-hours trading on Tuesday as the chipmaker provided a lower-than-expected 2016 fourth-quarter revenue outlook after today's market close.

The company sees fourth-quarter revenue of $15.7 billion, plus or minus $500 million. Analysts are looking for $16.1 billion.

Intel (INTC) Stock Falls in After-Hours Trading on Downbeat Q4 Guidance - TheStreet




「まず最初に、ディープラーニングは学習部分(learning portion)と集計部分(scoring portion)に分けて考えなくてはいけません。その場合にアクセラレータ(GPUなど)はCPUと同時に使わなくてはいけないのでシェアを奪われるわけではありません。(ざっくりいうと学習をGPUで行い、集計をCPUで行うということです。)

また、アクセラレーターはGPUだけではなく、低パフォーマンスなFPGA(プログラム可能な集積回路)、Xeon Phi(72コアの機械学習用のプロセッサ)、そして最もハイパフォーマンスなASIC(特定の用途に特化した集積回路)などがあります。」

Your question on accelerators really is what you’re asking, when you take a look at GPUs and things like deep learning, the first thing you have to separate out is things like are you talking about the deep learning on the learning portion or the scoring portion.

And so, we don’t look at accelerators as cannibalistic because you still have to have a Xeon System with those when you go to, actually do the implementation of the deep learning applications.

The second thing we tell you is that we actually had worked over the last two years or so to really implement a much broader collection of accelerators when you think about these.

If you want to think about kind of the rates of performance of each one of these, you have FPGAs which are accelerators and we see those accelerators go into everything from networking devices to machine learning applications. Those have high levels of flexibility that can be programmed on the fly but maybe not quite the performance.

Then you have GPUs, GPUs do have as we say, good accelerating performance in certain linear algorithms. Those are quite good and we have our Xeon Phi in that space.

And then the highest performance area, are ASIC where they’re workload specific and designed around the algorithm specifically. And you saw our applications of Nirvana; we also did an acquisition of Movidius earlier this quarter. Those are all very specific workloads around machine learning that are basic driven and even give higher performance.

So, we look at those accelerators as being enhancing this growth. You sell a Xeon typically with that so it doesn’t cannibalize the business. And we believe we have the widest really offerings of these accelerators from FPGAs through the Xeon Phi and then into basic driven devices.


non-GAAP グロスマージンは64.8% +1.3%でした。

Client Computing の売上は$8.9B +5%でした。
Data Center の売上は$4.5B +13%でした。
Internet of Things の売上は$689M +19%でした。
Non-Volatile Memory Solutions の売上は$649M -1%でした。
Intel Security の売上は$537M +6%でした。
Programmable Solutions の売上は$425M でした。








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