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JPモルガン(JPM)2019Q3決算 好決算


・発表日 2019/10/15 プレマーケット
・売上 $30.06B +8.1% コンセンサス予想より+$1.7B
GAAP EPS $2.68 +14.5% コンセンサス予想より+$0.23
GAAP net income $9.08B
ROE 15%(2018Q3 14%)
・Net interest income $14.4B +2%
・Noninterest revenue $15.7B +14%

・決算発表後の株価 終値+3.01%
・2019FYコンセンサス予想PER 119.96/9.91=12.10
・2020FYコンセンサス予想PER 119.96/10.37=11.56

credit costsが増えたのは予想通りで、全体的に特に不調の兆しはないとのことです。

Credit remains favorable with credit costs of $1.5 billion, reflecting modest net reserve build and charge-offs in line with expectations. And as we mentioned last quarter, we do not see any signs of broad-based deterioration across our portfolios, both consumer and wholesale.


セグメントは「Consumer and Community Banking(CCB)」「Corporate & Investment Bank(CIB)」「Commercial Banking(CB)」「Asset & Wealth Management(AWM)」です。

Average total loans +0%

Provision for credit losses $1.51B +60%


売上 $14.3B +7% 利益 $4.3B +5% ROE 32%(2018Q3 31%)

Average loans 459.5B -4.1%


売上 $9.3B +6% 利益 $2.8B +7% ROE 13%(2018Q3 14%)


売上 $2.2B -3% 利益は$937M -14% ROE 16%(2018Q3 21%)


売上 $3.6B +0% 利益 $668M -8% ROE 24%(2018Q3 31%)

AUM 2.2T +8%



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