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Apple(AAPL)2020Q4決算 iPhone売上がコンセンサス未達


・発表日 2020/10/29 post-market
・売上 $64.69B +1% コンセンサス予想より+$1.36B
GAAP EPS $0.73 コンセンサス予想より+$0.03
GAAP net income $12.67B
iPhone 売上 $26.44B(コンセンサス予想$27.73B)
Mac 売上 $9.03B(コンセンサス予想$7.93B)
iPad 売上 $6.79B(コンセンサス予想$6.14)
・Wearbles, Home and Accessories 売上 $7.8B(コンセンサス予想$7.23B)
・Services 売上 $14.5B(コンセンサス予想$14.12B)
・決算発表後の株価 post-marketで-5.32%
・2020FYコンセンサス予想PER 109.25/3.24=33.71
・2021FYコンセンサス予想PER 109.25/4.03=27.10


Greater China is the region that was most heavily impacted by the absence of the new iPhones during the September quarter, still we beat our internal expectations in the region, growing non-iPhone revenue strong double digits and iPhone customer demand grew through mid-September.


iPhone 売上 $26.44B -20.7%

Mac 売上 $9.03B +29.1%

iPad 売上 $6.79B +45.9%

Wearables, home and accessories 7.8B +20.7%

Service 売上 $14.5B +16.2%


Americas 売上 $30.69B +4.6%

Europe 売上 $16.9B +13%

Greater China 売上 $7.94B -28%

Japan 売上 $5.02B +0.8%

Rest of Asia Pacific 売上 $4.13B +12.9%



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