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・決算発表日 2016/3/18 寄り前


ピーク時の実績がよかったのに加え、Express のコストカットで営業利益マージンが上昇し、全体としても営業利益マージンが上がっています。

Today's jump was powered by the company's surprisingly strong quarterly results released prior to the opening bell. Sales improved by 9% to reach $12.7 billion, which beat consensus estimates for a 6% uptick. Adjusted profit of $2.51 per share also outpaced Wall Street analysts, who were targeting $2.34 per share of earnings.
Digging beyond the headline figures, there was a lot for investors to like about FedEx's peak-season shipping performance. Cost cuts helped the express segment log a 51% spike in profit as operating margin rose to 9.1% of sales from 5.9% a year ago.
Sure, that boost was offset by a weakening ground segment: Operating margin in that division slipped to 13% of sales from nearly 17% the prior year. Yet FedEx booked 30% greater ground revenue, and so it was able to preserve the level of earnings it generated last year. Overall adjusted operating margin rose significantly, climbing to 9.2% from 8.3%.

FedEx Corporation Soars and Guess? Inc. Dives as Stocks Rise - San Antonio Express-News 

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