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クラウドでゲームができる「GRID」、携帯端末向けのSoC(System on Chip)「Tegra」、自動車向けソリューション、SHIELDというゲーム機器なども開発しています。

セグメントは「Gaming」「Professional Visualization」「Datacenter」「Automotive」です。


・決算発表日 2016/5/12 引け後
・売上は$1.3B +13%でコンセンサス予想より+$40M
・EPSは$0.46 +39%でコンセンサス予想より+$0.14

Deep learning向けのGPU事業が好調です。IBM、Facebook、Microsoft、Amazon、AlibabaなどのAIやDeep learningで先行している企業がGPUを使用しています。自動車向けのチップも好調のようなので、投資しておきたい企業ですね。

Moving to datacenter. Revenue was a record $143 million, up 63% year on year and up 47% sequentially, reflecting enormous growth in deep learning. In just a few years, deep learning has moved from academia and is now being adopted across the hyperscale landscape. We expect growing deployment in the coming year among large enterprises.

GPUs have become the accelerator of choice for hyperscale center centers due to their superior programmability, computational performance, and power efficiency. Our Tesla M4 is over 50% more power efficient than other programmable accelerators for applications such as real-time image classification for AlexNet, a deep learning framework.

Hyperscale companies are the fastest adopters of deep learning, accelerating their growth in our Tesla business. Starting from infancy three years ago, hyperscale revenue is now similar to that from high performance computing. NVIDIA GPUs today accelerate every major deep learning framework in the world. We power IBM Watson and Facebook's Big Sur server for AI, and we're in AI platforms at hyperscale giants such as Microsoft, Amazon, Alibaba and Baidu for both training and real-time inference. Twitter has recently said they use NVIDIA GPUs to help users discover the right content among the millions of images and videos shared every day.


売上は$1.3B +13%、純利益は$263M +41%、EPSは$0.46 +39%でした。

グロスマージンは58.6% +170bpでした。

GPUの売上は$1.08B +15%、Tegraは$160M +10%でした。
Gamingの売上は$687M +17%でした。
Professional Visualizationの売上は$143M +63%でした。


  Jan 31, 2016 Oct 25, 2015 Jul 26, 2015 Apr 26, 2015
売上 1.4B 1.31B 1.15B 1.15B
営業利益 0.25B 0.25B 0.07B 0.18B
純利益 0.21B 0.25B 0.03B 0.13B




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