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・発表日 2017/7/27 アフターマーケット
・売上 $38B +25% コンセンサス予想より+$820M
・GAAP EPS $0.40 -77.5%コンセンサス予想より-$1.02
・GAAP net income $197M
・AWSの売上は$4.1B +42%、利益は$916M +27.5%

・決算発表後の株価 アフターマーケットで-3.08%
・2017FYコンセンサス予想PER 1013.78/6.44=157.41
・2018FYコンセンサス予想PER 1013.78/11.31=89.63





・配送インフラ、動画、Echo、Alexa、インドのAWS、Prime Now、Amazon freshへの投資



So as you point out, the year-over-year difference is primarily driven by investments, what we were within the guidance range and we continue to invest in, as I said, fulfillment capacity and logistics services, digital video, our Echo and Alexa, Echo devices and Alexa platform. India, the buildup at the AWS infrastructure, all the things I mentioned not to mention Prime Now and Amazon Fresh and Prime benefits.

We did see a big jump in head count in year-over-year. You'll see it's 42%, and in the past, I'd say most of that is driven by operations hiring. I've even said that headquarters or office hiring many times in the past was below the level of revenue growth. Right now, what we're seeing is an accelerated growth rate in software engineers and also sales teams to support primarily AWS and advertising. So, yes, the growth rate of those two job categories actually exceeded the company growth rate. So we are adding – having success hiring a lot of people and pointing them at some very important programs and customer-facing efforts.

On the place of physical, again, as I mentioned in the earlier question, we are experimenting with a number of formats. You've seen the physical bookstores and I would say that the benefit there is again, we have a curated selection of titles and it's also a great opportunity for people to touch and feel our devices and see them, especially the new Echo devices. I went into the store in Seattle last week and I saw about a third of the people were standing around the device table learning how they work, how they interact with devices. So, I saw firsthand the customer experience, I think, that's what we're seeing as a benefit to the physical stores right now. (AMZN) Q2 2017 Results - Earnings Call Transcript | Seeking Alpha 


営業キャッシュフロー(ttm)は$17.9B +37%でした。

フリーキャッシュフロー(ttm)は$9.7B +25.9%でした。

北アメリカの売上は$22.37B +26.5%、利益は$436M -37.8%でした。

Internationalの売上は$11.48B +16.6%、利益は-$724M(2016Q2は-$135M)でした。

AWSの売上は$4.1B +42%、利益は$916M +27.5%でした。







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