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Paypal(PYPL)2018Q4決算 Venmo好調


・発表日 2019/1/30 アフターマーケット
・売上 $4.23B +13.1% コンセンサス予想と一致
・non-GAAP EPS $0.69 +26% コンセンサス予想より+$0.02
GAAP EPS $0.49
GAAP net income $584M
・Venmo TPV $19B +80%
・2019Q1 予想売上 $4.08〜4.13B
・2019Q1 予想non-GAAP EPS $0.66〜0.68
・2019FY 予想売上 $17.85〜18.1B
・2019FY 予想non-GAAP EPS 
・決算発表後の株価 アフターマーケットで-3.54%
・2019FYコンセンサス予想PER 92.42/2.22=41.63
・2020FYコンセンサス予想PER 92.42/2.77=33.36


Mobile continues to drive our growth was $67 billion of mobile TPV in Q4 alone representing 41% of our total TPV. One Touch with its market leading checkout conversion rates continues to grow with over 123 million consumers and 11 million merchants opted in. Venmo continued its strong momentum this holiday season. We’re witnessing significant increases and monetize the volume growth and monthly active users. This quarter we drove $19 billion in payment volume through Venmo an increase of 80% year-over-year. For the full year Venmo’s volume increased 79% with $62 billion in payment volume process. And we are on pace for Venmo to drive almost the $100 billion in TPV in 2019.


Active accountsは267M +17%でした。

Payment transactionsは2.9B +28%でした。

TPVは$164B +23%(為替を除くと+25%)した。

Number of transactions per active account(ttm)は36.9 +9.%でした。




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